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25300 Borough Park Dr. The Woodlands, TX 77380

We value our patients' experience at Sunrise Chiropractic Clinics. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Todd Hatch

I first went to Sunrise Chiropractic Group to see Dr. LaVoie because I was suffering from stiffness in my neck as well as migraine headaches. I think that these things actually started as the result of an old car accident. After the car wreck I did get therapy, but the results did not seem to work very long. I had also received previous chiropractic care periodically when I lived in another state whenever the pain got very bad. I had been referred to Sunrise and the care and professionalism of the staff made it easy for me to continue my care there. Dr. LaVoie was persistent in trying to get me to treat on a regular basis and treat the problem rather than just the symptoms. I was resistant at first, but I finally followed his advice and so far so good!! The professionalism, knowledge and caring attitude of the staff have made it an easy step and the results have been better than I expected.

I am stronger now have fewer headaches than before. Before having consistent treatment I had pain all the way down my arms. This pain is almost gone now and I have much more movement in my shoulders and neck. I can actually turn my head and function like I couldn't before. While I have been to several chiropractors in the past, I would recommend to anyone that they stick with this group. Dr. LaVoie really knows his stuff. If you follow through with his recommendations you will have better results sooner than later.


An open letter to other patients,

I went to see Dr. Hatch last year because I was having symptoms that were scaring me and I didn't want to have another surgery. I was having pain in my legs and shoulders as well as numbness in my legs and hand. My pain had progressed to the point that I could not walk for very long and whenever I did walk I had near constant pain in my legs with tingling in my feet and toes. The muscles in my legs felt like they were just drawing up. I had back surgery years before and I certainly didn't want another surgery if I didn't have to have it. I had also had a sudden loss of use in my right hand years before and been diagnosed with herniated discs in my neck. Now I was starting to have numbness in my hand again. I was concerned that my life would not be "normal" again.

One thing that I liked about the way I was treated was that they did not immediately assume that I needed Chiropractic care. In fact, Dr. Hatch was concerned that there may be some things going on that would make chiropractic care inappropriate. He took the time to evaluate me and explain why I needed to have other testing before we considered any type of chiropractic treatment plan. Some changes in my spine showed up on the MRI and there were disc bulges, but not anything they hadn't work with before and nothing that prevented me from trying chiropractic.

I went through a course of therapy including electrical stimulation, ultrasounds, and adjustments to my spine. They also helped me with exercises to strengthen my spine so that I would have better, longer lasting results rather than just a quick fix. This took some time, but it was well worth it! My results were even better than my husband or I expected. I have no pain!! I can do all of the activities I want to, I can take care of my house, I can walk as far as I want and all without worrying about hurting.

I would never consider having surgery before consulting with my chiropractor. I have a quality life now thanks to Dr. Hatch and his wonderful staff. Life is so much better!!

J. Clay

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in regard to the treatment I received from Dr. Hatch and his staff at Sunrise Chiropractic. During this quite long and drawn out ordeal, Dr. Hatch and his staff have been instrumental in the care and coordinating of my case. Not only have they greatly assisted me in getting my much needed surgery despite numerous obstacles created by the insurance company but they have also provided therapy that has enabled me to function on a daily basis. The treatments obviously did not resolve my condition, however, they provided me with relief of my pain so that I could function and continue to work. The pain never resolved with treatment, however, after nearly every treatment it was decreased significantly and would remain decreased for anywhere from hours to a day or two. There were many days that I have no doubt I would not have been able to work or care for my daughter if I had not received treatment. The concern and treatment I have received has been instrumental in allowing me to function on a daily basis and without them I am not sure that I would have received the proper care that ultimately lead to a resolution of my condition. They were honest in their recommendations and I appreciated the fact that I was referred to the proper specialist and Dr. Hatch coordinated my case with the other providers to make sure that I got the correct treatment. It is reassuring to know that there are still doctors and staff that cares enough to take the time to help, care about you as a person, and do not rush you through the office. This is unusual in this day of "managed" health care.

G. Juarez

To Whom It May Concern:  

I first went to see Dr. Hatch at Sunrise Chiropractic in 1997. I had been injured at work and didn't really know where to turn. He and his staff guided me through the many challenges of the workers compensation system. Due to the extent of my injuries it took several months to get me back on my feet, but during that time they not only helped me with the paper work and making sure that my rights were protected, but Dr. Hatch also made sure that I was referred to other specialist. The emphasis on a team approach was one of the things that really impressed me and helped me make faster progress. Unfortunately after I was released I suffered another injury. Dr. Hatch and his staff stayed late so that I could come in and be evaluated that same day. This second injury was much more severe and required more treatment and eventually surgery. Once again they helped me to handle all of the paper work and problems that I had heard so many horror stories about when someone is hurt at work. I also appreciated that fact that Dr. Hatch just told me the truth. It wasn't what I always wanted to hear, but he would let me know my options with various treatments, take the time to discuss the pros and cons, and provided me with the information to make the best decision. Unfortunately, it's hard to find a doctor like that now days. Honest, dependable, and they really care about YOU. You're not just a number or a patient. You are a real patient with needs, feelings, and concerns. I still have some challenges with my pain and my condition could not be cured, however, Dr. Hatch and his staff continue to make sure that I receive the treatment and medications necessary to help me have the best quality of life that I can. I hate to think where I would be today if I did not have Dr. Hatch as my treating doctor.

Mr. Kaufman

After I hurt myself lifting my dog I wanted to get an opinion if chiropractic care would help me or if I needed to see my medical doctor. I had tried using a heating pad at home for my back pain, but it did not make the pain go away. When went to see Dr. Hatch at Sunrise Chiropractic they took some x-rays and used muscle stimulation, ultrasound and adjusted my back. It was also nice to go in for treatment and be treated so nicely and those warm friendly faces always greeted me. I felt that my results were exceptional! Within a short period of time I began to feel so much better. Overall my chiropractic experience has been great and I am able to workout and bend over without that intense pain that I had before. If I had any advice for other people with back or neck pain it would be to see Dr. Todd and his staff first to see of they can help you. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!

M Kelly

When I first went in to Sunrise to see Dr. LaVoie I was having a burning discomfort between my shoulder blades, numbness in my right arm and I had a stiff neck. I had tried massage therapy in the past but it had obviously not resolved my problems. I was at a health fair and one of the people attending suggested that I at least consult with a chiropractor. After going over my problems with Dr. LaVoie and being evaluated, we began a treatment program that included manipulation, strength building and nutritional counseling. My results were even better than I expected. My pain went away and has not come back!

If I had any advice for someone considering chiropractic care with Sunrise it would be to stick to the plan, attend all of your sessions, and follow up as instructed- IT S WORTH IT!!

P Condit

I initially came in to Sunrise Chiropractic with severe pain in my leg as well as hip pain and left arm pain. I had not received any previous treatment for these problems but I knew that I did not want to even consider surgery. Unfortunately I was at my wits end and was in so much pain that I had to do something!! I went to Sunrise because it was close to my home. They did some gentle therapy to loosen up my spine and then Dr. Hatch adjusted my spine. They didn't have to twist and turn me, but used a softer method so that my pain was not aggravated. I have to say that the results I got were better than what I expected. I no longer have any pain and I have used the knowledge that they gave me to be more careful with what I do so that I do not cause any other problems.

I have had several operations in the past and I am glad that I received this treatment so that I would not have to face another surgery. I would recommend to anyone that they talk to the doctors at Sunrise and give them all of the information that you can. For instance I ask Dr. Hatch if I should see a foot doctor and I also ask him what I could do at home to help myself. I really feel that our talks and what he told me to do to help myself made all the difference in my case.

Mr. Dollins

I have had a condition called spondylolisthesis for a number of years. This condition causes several symptoms including tingling in the arms and legs as well as inflexibility. Unfortunately these problems have gotten worse over time. I decided to seek out chiropractic care because I was familiar with it and it had helped me in the past. Naturally I went to the place where they had helped in the past, Sunrise Chiropractic, to see Dr. LaVoie. He put me through a program of adjustments, electrical stimulation, roller massage and strengthening exercises. I had the results that I expected, however, I feel that Dr. LaVoie and his staff also helped to educate me to give me a better idea of what I will require in terms of exercising/core strengthening to keep my back as healthy as possible. I am planning on running another marathon in 2 months and that should help me know if the results were even better than I expected.

When I first sought chiropractic care I was training to run a marathon and was having trouble with leg cramps. The cramps were due to insufficient training, which was brought about by me back pain. Now that my back is stronger and less painful I am more able to train properly and for longer periods of time without getting sick and without having to take breaks from training due to back pain. I really did not have any "concerns" with chiropractic care other than the fact that initially I was not sure I could afford the amount of treatment that I felt I needed. The best thing about chiropractic care is that it is all natural; there are no drugs, surgeries or other "band-aid" approaches. They go directly to the root of the problem.

R. Posada

I began treating at Sunrise Chiropractic at the end of August I was having pretty severe neck and upper back pain. Of course I had tried the typical approaches including going to a neurologist. He wanted to just give me pain medication. I took the medications, but they really did not help very much. I also tried over the door traction, but that did not resolve my pain either. When I began treating at Sunrise they started using different physical therapies like electrical stimulation, ultrasound, ice, heat, and a neck massager. We also tried exercise therapy, but I was just one of those few people that it made my pain worse. So they changed my treatment plan back to what was helping me the most. They actually listened to me rather than just following a script and treating me like a number. Since I had never been to a chiropractor I really did not know what to expect, but I was pleased with the results and my pain began to go down. My pain is not completely gone, but I feel better and don't hurt as often and I don't have to take the drugs anymore. I think a lot of people would be surprised that chiropractic care can help decrease your pain and make you feel better without taking medications.


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